Silicosis Claim

Woods Law made a successful claim for silicosis for a man who worked in foundries for Beans Industries and Duport Foundries in the Tipton area.


Respirable crystalline silica (RCS) is found in stone, rocks, sands and clays.

Exposure to RCS over a long period can cause fibrosis (hardening or scarring) of the lung tissue with a consequent loss of lung function. Sufferers are likely to have severe shortness of breath and may find it difficult or impossible to walk even short distances or up stairs. The effect continues to develop after exposure has stopped and is irreversible. Sufferers usually become house- or bed-bound and often die prematurely due to heart failure.

Occupations with exposure to RCS include: quarrying, slate works, foundries, potteries, stonemasonry, construction (when cutting or breaking stone, concrete or brick), and industries using silica flour to manufacture goods.

Silicosis claim

Woods Law have over 25 years experience in dealing with industrial disease claims, including silicosis. If you would like a no obligation discussion about a potential silicosis claim, please call 01244 340560.


About Steve Woods
Steve Woods qualified in 1985. I have dealt with personal injury claims throughout my career and have over 25 years experience in industrial disease claims. I deal with all types of industrial disease work including asbestos-related conditions, especially mesothelioma, other lung related diseases, vibration white finger, carpal tunnel syndrome, noise induced hearing loss and work related cancers such as bladder cancer. I set up Woods Solicitors in Chester in 2003.

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