Industrial Deafness

The effect of excessive noise on an individual is frequently understated, but it has been possible for many years to claim for damage to hearing caused by exposure to excessive noise.

Hearing loss from prolonged exposure to noise is usually gradual.  The severity of the deafness and the rate at which this increases, depends on the level and duration of the noise exposure.

Because it comes on gradually, individuals can be unaware of the severity of their hearing loss until later on in life, when it combines with hearing loss due to ageing and they realise they have a significant problem.

Commonly, individuals complain that: –

  • Conversation becomes difficult or impossible, particularly with background noise.
  • Family members say the television is too loud.
  • Difficulty using the telephone.

Claims for industrial deafness can be made against any employer who has exposed its employees to excessive noise.  For example, we have successfully claimed on behalf of: –

  • A milling machine operator against GEC Turbine Generators Limited.
  • A spinner in a cotton mill against Smith & Nephew Limited.
  • A maintenance engineer who worked in the weaving department of a mill against J & P Coats Limited and Holdsworth Brothers Limited.
  • An electrician who worked for GEC.
  • A setter and operator who worked in a forging plant at INA Bearings Limited in Llanelli.

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