Ex-pat Mesothelioma Claim

Woods Law recently won an ex-pat mesothelioma claim.

Our client lived in Spain and was diagnosed with mesothelioma due to exposure to asbestos whilst employed by British Rail at Doncaster.   He was exposed to asbestos on a daily basis.  Our client worked in the carriage works as a clerical apprentice and came into contact with asbestos because he worked near the workmen who were ripping out old asbestos lagging from the engines.  Our client was involved in office work but could not avoid the asbestos dust.  Many years later he developed a mesothelioma.


We undertook a home visit and saw our client at his home in Spain.  Mesothelioma is a terrible disease and it was particularly distressing in this case because our client lived so far away from the nearest Hospital.  Having to deal with mesothelioma in a foreign country made the situation particularly difficult for him and his wife.  He had to employ a formal interpreter for visits to his doctors.


The representatives for British Rail provided an early admission of liability and compensation for mesothelioma was agreed in negotiations at £237,500.00. This sum included the expenses incurred employing interpreters.   Sadly, our client died shortly after receiving payment of the compensation.

About Steve Woods
Steve Woods qualified in 1985. I have dealt with personal injury claims throughout my career and have over 25 years experience in industrial disease claims. I deal with all types of industrial disease work including asbestos-related conditions, especially mesothelioma, other lung related diseases, vibration white finger, carpal tunnel syndrome, noise induced hearing loss and work related cancers such as bladder cancer. I set up Woods Solicitors in Chester in 2003.

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