The client worked for Quebecor World Plc as a printer and fork lift truck driver.  He developed Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome as a result of having to clean out a compactor that had not been cleaned out for 18 months but should have been cleaned out daily.  He had to use a stick to release the dust which he collected in sacks.  He developed Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome as a result of exposure to substantial amounts of dust because he was only provided with minimal protection.


Unfortunately, the Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome caused our client to develop long term depression and severe psychiatric problems that affected him on a daily basis.  Not only did he have problems breathing because of the Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome but the psychiatric issues affected his personality and he could not live his normal life.


Quebecor World Plc’s insurers disputed the case and denied that the incident at work had caused the Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome or the client’s psychiatric problems.   The case had to go to trial.  The Judge found in favour of the client and agreed that the work in the compactor had caused his Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome and psychiatric problems.  Substantial losses had resulted from the Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome and he was awarded £279,000.00.

Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome compensation claim advice

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