Asbestos Claim Spain

We successfully pursued a claim for an ex-pat living in the Alicante region.   He had developed diffuse pleural thickening as a result of exposure to asbestos while working for CEGB at Croydon A Power Station and Bankside Power Station.   This was not a straightforward claim.  Not only was our client resident in Spain which meant that his medical records had to be obtained and translated but the medical expert who assisted with the claim examined the Claimant to ...


No win No fee Solicitors

Woods Law operate on a No win No fee basis which means there is no financial risk to you and if you win your case, you keep 100% of your compensation. Other solicitors may charge you up to 25% of your compensation if you win your case. There has been a change in the rules that allows solicitors to agree with their clients to take a share of any damages awarded. We DO NOT take any of the damages that are ...


Mesothelioma Claim for Spouse

Mrs C was exposed to asbestos dust as a result of laundering her husband’s clothes. He worked as a lagger in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s and when he came home from work he was covered in dust because he had been ripping out old lagging, sweeping it up and bagging it and then preparing new lagging by tipping bags of asbestos into water. When he got home he would take off his work clothes and ...


Pleural thickening compensation

Woods Law secures compensation for a man who suffers from asbestos disease. Woods Law secured substantial compensation for a man who developed diffuse pleural thickening as a result of exposure to asbestos working alongside laggers for Richard Crittal & Company Limited and Norris Warming Company Limited. What is Pleural thickening and asbestos? Pleural thickening, also known as diffuse pleural thickening (DPT), is a lung disease in which extensive scarring thickens the pleura, the thin membrane that covers the ...


Mesothelioma claim solicitor

Woods Solicitors successfully made a claim for a man who developed mesothelioma as a result of exposure to asbestos while he was in the Merchant Navy.  He subsequently emigrated to New Zealand where unfortunately he subsequently developed the disease.   A payment on account was obtained and he and his wife elected to defer settlement until after his death.  He commented “throughout the entire proceedings both my wife and I are very grateful for all of your work, kind ...


Mesothelioma Solicitor

Woods Law successfully concluded a claim on behalf of a man who had emigrated to New Zealand but who had developed mesothelioma having been exposed to asbestos whilst working in the East Midland’s as an electrician.   He worked alongside laggers for WH Taylor (Derby) Limited and working in a boiler house for Qualcast (Derby Foundries) Limited. Mesothelioma Solicitor If you or a family member have been recently diagnosed with mesothelioma, you may be able to make a ...


Industrial disease solicitors

Woods Law are specialists industrial disease solicitors. We have over 25 years experience in dealing with industrial disease claims. We have advised many clients who have been the victims of industrial disease, like the case described below: We successfully concluded a mesothelioma claim for the widow of a man who lived in Southern Ireland but had worked extensively in the London area. He was mainly labouring on building sites.  The case was difficult because there were a ...


Mesothelioma Solicitors

As specialist Mesothelioma Solicitors, we successfully concluded a claim on behalf of a mesothelioma sufferer who had emigrated to New Zealand.  Whilst working as an apprentice plumber for British Rail in the Manchester area he was exposed to asbestos removing lagging.   Once the claim had settled his wife commented “the money has taken quite a lot of worries off his shoulders.  He is much happier now as he knows his family will be alright in the future.  We appreciate your ...


Mesothelioma Compensation Claim

Woods Law successfully completed a mesothelioma compensation claim for an overseas client. We obtained damages for the estate of a man who died in Spain as a result of mesothelioma but who had been exposed to asbestos whilst working as a carpenter with Coventry Corporation.  His work involved fire proofing and he had to cut asbestos sheets. What is Mesothelioma? Mesothelioma is cancer of the mesothelial cells. These cells make up the membrane ...


Asbestosis Claim

Woods Law made an asbestosis claim and obtained over £30,000.00 for a man who contracted asbestosis as a result of exposure to asbestos at British Rails Crewe Works.  He commented “please accept my grateful thanks for the kind and diligent way you represented me.  It will make a huge difference to my remaining years”. What is Asbestosis? Asbestosis is a chronic lung disease characterised by a scarring of lung tissues, which leads to long-term ...