Since opening, we have obtained compensation for hundreds of clients.


Exposure to asbestos occurs in a variety of different occupations, not just in people working in lagging and asbestos manufacture...

Injury Claims

We are experienced at dealing with all kinds of Injury Claims including injuries at work or elsewhere such as road traffic accidents, cyclists & pedestrians


If you live overseas but suffered asbestos exposure or had an industrial injury in the UK, you are still able to claim. Contact us to find out more...

No Win No Fee!

There has been a change in the rules that allows solicitors to agree with their clients to take a share of any damages awarded. I want to reassure my clients that I do not do this and that I continue to deal with claims on a no win no fee basis


Client Testimonials

“it is a strange feeling now that it is almost at the end.  I have got used to talking to you from time to time and have found you very professional, warm and caring.  Thank you Steve for all you have done for us both”

Claimant’s spouse


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